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profit increase
by $2,000,000

Would an increase of 2 million dollars be an achievable objective with your current brand strategy? Our results-driven processes are time-tested and were responsible for reaching this goal, and we are excited to share how your business could benefit in the same way.

create the brand

Branding is the cornerstone to connecting and communicating with your ideal target audience. That’s why making sure…


The Way Family Dojo is a unique facility and community of family-focused Martial Arts classes, concentrating on…

implement the brand

Defining your ideal target audience allows us to discover the right voice and tone to communicate valuable insight and brand messaging effectively.


Fletchers was looking to increase their foot traffic on Wednesday nights, a common issue…

deploy the brand

The easiest way to attract people that pay is by developing an online promotional…


After the success of creating the first brand for TAS Energy Inc., they came back to us to create…

Cohesive Media - Solutions


All of our products and services are a flat fee so that you can budget with confidence. Our 20-year experience has provided the expertise to find out what you need and implement fast and effectively. We are passionate about building tools that allow a multitude of effective results, and look forward to helping you. 

• business

• engagement

• exposure

• awareness

The Exposure Package enables control over your brand by showcasing your business every week with intelligent and thought-provoking content, allowing you to establish the ideal voice and tone that resonates with your ideal target audience.

• Content Strategy for (1) Campaign
• (4) Promotions
• Ideally suited to post on social media once a week.

With the proper exposure in place, it’s time to engage. What posts make you pause to look and stop scrolling on social media? It’s the post that moves. Animation is a proven scroll-stopper, and it allows you to speak from the heart of the brand at level-breaking volumes on social media.

• Content Strategy for (1) Campaign
• (4) Promotions
• (4) Animated promotions
• Ideally suited to post on social media twice a week.

Hi-grade performance is where engaging content meets action.
The most competitive way to implement your brand is to leverage web-based channels and develop integrated online strategies to reach your ideal target audience effectively. By intelligently incorporating your brand, you can proactively engage with people who want to learn more about your business.

• Content Strategy for (1) Campaign
• (4) Promotions
• (4) Animated Promotions
• (1) Video Shoot (ask for details)
• (1) landing page
• Ideally suited multi-tiered client interaction

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